Point Conference Iraq 4.0

Point Conference Iraq 4.0


Tawasoul Organization for Youth Empowerment, in cooperation with a group of international and regional partners, will host the fourth edition of the Point Conference -Iraq on Friday and Saturday 22nd and 23rd July 2022. This conference takes place as an auxiliary edition of Point Conference Sarajevo hosted by the Foundation "“Zašto Ne”/”Why Not" in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with "Action SEE" Network active in Southeast Europe.


Point is a unique event that highlights the importance of using technology and new media to promote democracy and social accountability. It is a joint workspace that was established in 2018, in cooperation with international and national partners, to develop the capabilities of civil society actors with a focus on enhancing indicators of good governance and active citizenship.  This is to contribute to the citizens’ participation and amplifying their voice to reach decision-making centers, utilizing technology, hence consolidating their role as an essential part of the process of drawing government policies and enacting laws in Parliament. 


As an annual tradition, The Station for entrepreneurship (a founding partner of Point Iraq) hosts the two days conference activities and the meetings and trainings that ensue, on the hall of The Station’s locale. The activities of the conference provide an important opportunity to benefit from successful global experiences, as it hosts experts and speakers to present success stories on the importance of activating the oversight role of citizens, through the use of open data maps, especially in issues related to the environment, elections and improving government performance overall. New media and the use of technologies in journalistic work will be one of the main topics covered by the conference. Panel discussions will be held in which experts address open source journalism, and  employing deep learning algorithms in the field of monitoring disinformation and fact-checking of media agencies and channels content to  measure their credibility and professionalism index - this happening is the first of its kind in the Arab region.


Point conference this year will tackle Climate change as a main theme of the activities that will be held (sessions, presentations, conference hall decoration, volunteers and speakers’ outfits, media coverage, and short videos that will be specifically produced for this purpose and will be screened in-between sessions). Three of the most important environmental experts in Iraq, will participate in a session that will be devoted to discussing the challenges and readiness of Iraq to adapt to climate changes, preceded by an interactive presentation to introduce Global Warming and its expected effects on Iraq.



The conference will be held this year at the level of North Africa and the Middle East, and the opening session will be devoted to talking about relevant regional initiatives regarding  strengthening indicators of openness and transparency spanning the Arab region, and with the participation of two experts representing Open Government Partnership (OGP), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as representatives from both the government and parliament will be invited to this session. Building on this session, the conference will host on day four, a high-level meeting of experts from Iraq and the Arab region to discuss the benefits and possibilities of Iraq joining regional initiatives and programs that promote good governance practices, notably the MENA-OECD Governance Program implemented by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.


Among the topics of interest to Point Conference are, enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector, and the importance of Using technology tools to link economic opportunities with emerging and small entrepreneurs that give an added value to the labor market. Within the conference, presentations will be made tackling the importance of using new methodologies for innovation and creativity in project design, such as Google Design Sprint. In addition, speakers from the private sector and banks will be hosted to introduce the challenges of private sector growth, and the opportunities available to young people to be better integrated into the labor market.