Point Iraq Conference

What is Point Iraq?

In collaboration with a group of international and regional partners, Tawasul for Youth Empowerment will host the second edition of point MENA on July 25th , 2020 through the Zoom platform, as a resounding version of the Point Sarajevo International Conference hosted by the Bosnian Why Not Foundation and Action SEE in south-eastern Europe.

Point Mena, a unique event that highlights the importance of using modern technology and media to promote democracy and political accountability. It is a common workspace that encourages NGOs, during a one-year program, to develop their expertise and tools in the use of modern technology to monitor governance indicators and assess the performance of parliaments. The conference also provides an opportunity to work with international and local partners and learn from important experiences in the Arab world and the rest of the world on how to make relevant data and information available by promoting the transparency and integrity of elections, making governments accountable to citizens and by supporting open-source electronic platforms and applications that encourage citizens to participate in monitoring the performance of state institutions and the government program and how to spend budget funds on the services and investment sectors. 

As an annual tradition, Tawasul for Youth Empowerment hosts a copy of the conference every year in the Station building, but given the current circumstances related to the recent outbreak of protests in Iraq and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference sessions will be held online through zoom, and to provide the greatest opportunity to participate, the conference sessions will be recorded and broadcast live on social media. 

The conference's agenda will cover topics and sessions of importance for the situation in Iraq, which witnessed the outbreak of protests on October 1st , and the situation in the Arab region, which has seen a decline in the indicators of democracy. The conference management was keen to host speakers from different countries to review important experiences, talk about a more effective road map to enhance the role of civil society and public opinion in the field of government accountability, and the participation of protest groups in the formulation of permanent mechanisms to protect the right to demonstrate, as stated in the ministerial program of Mr. Al-Kadhimi's government. 

The conference will highlight the use of techniques in the field of truth detection and combating false news, as well as will host activists from South Eastern Europe representing Action SEE network and the Network of Accountability and Integrity active in the Arab region, to talk about the experience of the Balkan region in measuring the indicator of openness and the importance of transferring this experience to the Arab region in the absence of relevant legislation on the right to information. 

Point Mena initiatives and campaigns aim to raise awareness of the importance of using data to assist in decision-making, and to employ machine learning algorithms to create a more effective government response, particularly in the fight against the Coved-19 pandemic, and to anticipate future scenarios and use them to develop government policies that balance the gradual improvement of the economy with the prevention of pandemic outbreaks.