Point Conference Iraq 3.0

Point Conference Iraq 3.0

Point conference , in its third version, will be held this year in conjunction with the passage of a year over Mr. Al-Kadhemi's government, which was formed following October protests, in which government accountability will be the basic title of the sessions to be held on the station hall on Saturday, 17 July 2021.


What is the Point Iraq Conference? And what will it contain?


Point is a unique event that is interested in enhancing the use of modern technology and media in the field of civil society organizations. It is a joint work space created in 2018 by the assistance of international partners as an alternative version for International Point-Sarajevo Conference, which is hosted by the "why not?" institution in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the "Action C Network" that is Active in Southeastern Europe; To develop initiatives and projects aimed at strengthening the principles of good governance and democracy through the use of technology.

At the opening session, the agenda of the Conference will be spearheaded by presenting Tawasoul organization's first annual report within the program of the Government Observatory (the first open data website that observes the government performance). The ratio of implementation of ministerial program of Mr. Al-Kadhemi's government will be presented within the report. Besides, a number of officials and activists will be hosted within this session, to highlight which promises given by the Government since its formation and so far were fulfilled, and to reassure the need for full involvement of citizens and enable them to access information related to government performance.

Files of economic reforms and the demands of protests will be presented within Point sessions. Furthermore, a number of economists will discuss the government's reform policies in the economic field that are adopted by the government within the white paper, As well as assessing the government's achievement and response to the demands of the protests that was undertaken within the ministerial program, and a special coverage of the early elections and the electronic government.

In order to enable attendees to participate actively, the technical team of the Conference under the supervision and management of the Programming Initiative for Iraq (one of Point partners), will provide the possibility for presenting questions, comments and voting on the sessions by participants across the screens and an application that is prepared for this purpose. These results will also be presented on the personal profile of the speakers on the Conference website, provided with the feature of commenting and sending questions before meetings start.


What is the benefit of the conference?


The conference activities are considered an important chance for researchers and specialists for taking advantage of the presentation of international experiences on the method to enable citizens fully to access data and information related to democratic practices in different fields, like practical and electoral fields, and engage citizens in observing the performance of government institutions, the process of spending the public funds and the route of law legislation in the parliamentary council. It provides interactive tools through which citizens can give their opinions and convey their voices to decision-making centers.