Tomoh IT Magazine at Point Iraq Conference

Aug 11, 2018



In the midst of the activities of the Point Iraq conference that was held last August 2018 on the stage of the station Hall in central Baghdad, Tomoh IT magazine presented many of its voluntary initiatives in the field of technology and modern media, as it showed it a footprint in developing and enhancing technology in society through its electronic platform.


The magazine team consists of a group of young people active in the field of technology distributed among students and graduates, and they manage the magazine editing with voluntary efforts and shed light on the coverage of the local and international (IT Iraq) community, and they are interested in following up the works of famous figures to achieve their work in the fields of technology.


Rafah Hassan, who is the editor of the magazine, provides a unique presentation to the audience about technology and media stories in Iraq, as well as her introduction to the success story of establishing her magazine, which is issued in a weekly version, confirming that its publication is dependent on self-efforts without relying on external funding like other fields.


Refah showed on the sidelines of the show, that the magazine’s strategy is to guide the community on the proper ways to use technology that achieves interest, as well as stimulating correspondence to participate in the field of (IT-iraq), pointing out that it targets the children’s class in their education on programming.


The magazine has several different sections that are covered by covering the news of the technology community, the most important of which are:


Latest news

Varied news



Number character

Technical achievement

Programming and teaching programming to the child

Sites, programs and applications



The magazine staff contributed to covering all the sessions of the Point Conference, which was held for two days, 10 and 11 August last. In addition, the magazine allocated a full number of the work of the conference.


Note: We attach a link to the magazine's coverage of the Point Conference business.