Presentation of the First Annual Report of the Government Observatory Project Implemented by Tawasul Organization for Youth Empowerment to Monitor the Ministerial Curriculum

Jul 25, 2021



Before starting the opening session of Point Iraq Conference 3.0, Mr. Wisam Jaafar presented the first annual report of the government observatory project implemented by Tawasoul Organization for Youth Empowerment to monitor the ministerial program, through which he presented the indicators of implementing the paragraphs of the ministerial program of the current government. Wisam indicated that this project is one of the projects of Point-Iraq, the first of its kind in the Arab region, adding that the project includes establishing open data website that monitors the government's performance in implementing its program annually and presents indicators in a way that facilitates data access for citizens.


Presenting the most important points of the report, he said: "Over a whole year, we worked on monitoring government data that is issued on the implementation of the ministerial program".


He noted that the ministerial program is a political promise that is similar to any electoral program; the promises contained in the program must be thoughtful and specific. The government often makes the mistake of releasing promises in its program, which later reveals that it is impossible to be accomplished after the formation of the government and when the government receives its official functions, as some of these promises are beyond the power of the government. This is what happened in a number of paragraphs of the ministerial program of the current government.


He pointed out that the data reached by the government observatory is available on the website and the basic data about the government program can browsed on the official website of the government observatory.


He revealed that the rate of implementing the government's program of the Government of Mr. Al-Kadhemi was 29%, indicating that this government is the top among the previous governments in reminding people of its promises and ministerial program. Nevertheless, the rate of implementing the paragraphs of the ministerial program, which the government has already started its implementation since the government's formation in May was 81%, but most of the paragraphs of the ministerial program required more than a year to be accomplished, yet conditions and challenges impeded some them from being achieved which lead to stop working on them. But this rate indicates that this situation is unprecedented in comparison with governments who have controlled the power after 2003. He explained: "by getting informed about previous government programs, we confirmed that they were merely emblems".

He added: "The external relationship file is the one that has mostly made the current government achieving a progress of 50%, while the rates of the implementation of the demands related to protests and economic reforms were low.