How the Point-Iraq Conference Project works?

The Point-Iraq conference project is designed to be a free space where young people, activists and civic leaders meet in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. The project will provide support and technical expertise for a full year and will facilitate the transfer of technology and modern communication techniques to youth teams and activists who will transform these expertise into civic programs and initiatives that achieve the objectives in four stages:

First stage : Implementation of the Point-Iraq Conference for the first year

The conference, which will be held for two consecutive days, marks the first start of the project. In cooperation with the ZastoNe ‘why not’ Foundation in Bosnia and the ActionSEE Network in the Balkans, the organizing institutions of Pointe World conference will coordinate the presentation of global initiatives and programs representing success stories on the use of new media and technology in promoting democracy and political accountability . 

In collaboration with the project’s founding partners, Tawasoul will design a conference agenda covering the most important civil issues that require action and hosting the most important speakers, experts and activists whose expertise and field workers in these issues.

Paragraphs can vary to include:

  • Direct speeches with the audience
  • Presentation of successful initiatives introduced by founders in person
  • Experts and activists for panels discussions that cover related issues

The conference will be held at the national level for the first year in Baghdad for two consecutive days in a place that has a suitable theater and lounge for the atmosphere of the conference. More than 100 youth activists will attend the event from various provinces of Iraq.

All participants from outside Iraq will be hosted online. The conference will also host representatives of international organizations working in Iraq, some consultants and experts working in government institutions and the House of Representatives, academics, NGOs, activists, media, and technology and media experts. 

The conference will begin at 9:30 am and ends at 6:30 pm. Each day will cover 9 sessions, each session including a speaker (speech or presentation), or panels. Each session will last for one hour

How can I participate in the Point-Iraq conference: 

You can register for the Iraq Point conference, which will be held for two days in Baghdad governorate, at the theater of the station building by registering on the attendance form. Please follow the link below:


You can also register to join the Volunteer Teams (Admin team, Logistics, Design, Programming, Social Media, and Media) by  following this link


If you would like to be a speaker, please send an e-mail to the admin team, along with a summary of the letter you would like to receive A copy of your resume to be attached to this e-mail: 

Second stage : Transfer of expertise and technology to participants: 

Training program :

The second phase of the project involves the transfer of expertise in the use of technology, media and modern communication techniques for organizations and volunteers participating in the conference. 

The training camp 50 to 60 young activists who will attend the conference will be selected to participate in a week-long training camp in Sulaymaniyah province, one month after the end of the conference.

Candidates participating in the camp will receive intensive training in the following areas: 

  • Advocacy campaigns and participation in policy-making
  • Use of social networking sites and communication techniques
  • Workshops on the employment of technology and modern media in civil activities
  • Training course in active leadership

The trainees who will participate in the camp will be divided into teams after the training. Each team will plan and implement an initiative under the supervision of the partner organizations in the project. 

All initiatives must be relevant to the overall framework of the conference: Youth voice through technology: using modern technology, media and communication support to support the role of youth in promoting democracy and political accountability in Iraq.

Online training As part of the project activities, an integrated online training program will be designed to provide volunteers and conference teams with technological support and expertise. The organizer of the conference will overture and develop partnerships with international organizations that offer free online training, in order to provide technological support and training on its use in online courses.

Registration for the camp training and distance training form will be open in early September 2018.

Third stage : Provide support and small grants for youth initiatives:

Local and international partners:

A number of non-governmental organizations and institutions are interested to be partners in establishing the Point-Iraq conference project. Each organization will contribute small grants to youth teams within the geographic area in which they are active to implement local or national initiatives by young activists in the areas covered by the conference. Tawasul Organization for example will provide two small grants (at least $ 2,000 per initiative), one of which will be given to the best youth team that designs an appropriate action plan to implement an interactive public opinion platform project to increase community interest in laws enacted by the House of Representatives.

Project submission mechanisms and how to obtain small grants will be announced in October 2018.