Program 2020

First day

  The First Session: 14:00 - 16:00

  Counter Fake News and Disinformation During Protests and COVID-19 Spread

  Facilitator:  Waleed Ali  (Protection for Digital Rights Organization)


Zina Majiri
(Falso Platform - Tunisia)
Ahmed Brimo
(Taakad platform - Syria)
Bahr Jasim
(Tech 4 pace - Iraq)
Amru Abu Samra
(Da begad? - Egypt)

  The Second Session: 16:00 - 18:00

  Openness Index: Measuring the Openness Index for Arab Governments in the absence of laws allowing citizens to access information

  Facilitator:  Jamal Al Salah  (Rasheed Foundation - Transparency International - Jordan )


Darko Brkan
(Why not - Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Danira Karovic
(Action SEE Network - Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Wisam Jaafar Radhi
(Point Iraq Project - Iraq)
Haytham Mones
(Akhbar meter - Egypt)
Ahmed Samih Farag
(Andalus Institute for tolerane and anti-violence studies - Egypt)
Emad Al-Quraan
(Legal counsel at Rashid - Transparency International - Jordan)

  The Third Session: 18:00 - 20:00

  Protesters Advisory Counsil: after October revolution what is next? the role of protest movements in monitoring government and hold it accountable

  Facilitator:  Yasir Makki  (Muja Organization - Najaf )


Inas Jabbar Ne’ma
(Tammuz Organization for Social Development - Iraq)
Nabil Falah Noori
(Coordinating Committee of the student sit-in of Najaf universities - Iraq)
Nawras Adnan
(Thaer Voice campaign - Iraq)
Huthyfa bahir
(Shelter organization for humanitarian aids and ability - Iraq)

  The Fourth Session: 21:00 - 23:00

  From People to People: Open-Source Apps for Monitoring Violations and Providing Services to Citizens

  Facilitator:  Wael Wahid  (Code for Iraq )


Muhammed Essa
(Code for Iraq Founder - Iraq)
Amal Hussein Jabr
(Wasit Team Leader - Code for Iraq - Iraq)
Osama Ismael
(Code for Iraq – Baghdad - Iraq)
Marwan Ahmed Khalaf
(Salah Al Din Team Leader - Code for Iraq - Iraq)
Hala Hazem Abboud
(Qadisiyah team leader - Code for Iraq - Iraq)

  : 13:30 - 15:30


  Facilitator:  محمد  (خالي)


Muhammed Essa
(Code for Iraq Founder - Iraq)

The Second Day

  : 16:00 - 18:00

  The Accountability and Transparency of Publishing Petroleum Licensing

  Facilitator:  Majid Abu Kalal  (Thar Development Center)


Diana Al-Qaesi
(Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative - LOGI - Lebanon)
Sharaf al-Din Al-Yaqoubi
(National Coordinator of the Tunisian Alliance for Transparency in Energy and Mines - Tunisia)
Ali Nima Mohammed
(General Secretary of Raffdi AL Iraq AL gaded Foundation - Iraq)