Jamal Ibrahim Al-Salah

Rashid - Transparency International

He holds a Master's degree in civil engineering, where he worked for ten years, and then moved since 1991 to work in the field of consulting and institutional development, in planning development projects and follow-up and evaluation according to the best methods of planning and follow-up according to impact and results, and to training in the mentioned fields, in addition to training trainers and administrative training in several fields. He worked in the field of domestic violence to address violence against women, protect children and promote integrity in institutions, and was the training supervisor and head coach of the National Violent Extremism Response Team. He has carried out more than 460 advisory and training missions in the aforementioned fields in all countries of the Middle East and North Africa as well as Turkey, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Panama. He has participated in 47 training courses as a trainee in many fields, in addition to in-depth readings in the fields of administrative work and human rights.

He is a member and founder of many local and international professional institutions, and has produced numerous training and business procedure manuals for many local and Arab institutions. head of the administrative board of Rashid - Transparency International Foundation