success stories: towards a green desert

Aug 16, 2022

12:50 - 1:00 pm


“I am from Anbar, and Anbar Governorate has large desert areas,” Othman Saad said during his presentation on the story of success" Towards A Green Desert "within the activities of the second day of the Fourth Point Conference Iraq, which was held on July 23, 2022 in the "Station" building hall.


Othman mentioned that the green belt is not just cultivating plants but by perpetuation, in all governorates of Iraq, especially in Anbar because of the distance between the areas that can be forested (desert areas) it is difficult for water to reach the trees and therefore they may die.


Many plants in the gardens (gardens of Anbar University) and farms were dead during the Corona pandemic period because of the lack of watering and the lack of technological tools to assist in the watering system.


He explained that the idea was born in 2019, and because Iraq suffers from water scarcity, so the idea of rationalizing water came through an electronic system and remote control for the purpose of irrigation. This idea was applied in the university and the water was controlled through the irrigation system by the application of the irrigation system.


Othman and his team are looking to develop this system and make it remotely controlled without wires (Wireless), and it is also possible in the future to be presented in the market to benefit from it.


At the end of his presentation, Othman indicated that he had learned from his failure and faced challenges by striving to work. According to him, his project had shifted from the last place among the projects in 2019 to the third place among 64 projects from all Iraqi governorates in 2021.