success stories: Change Our Institutions

Aug 16, 2022

2:10 - 2:20


“We will not change our institutions, even if we die, that’s what we say whenever we go to a government institution whose routine is boring,” Adnan Munawer said about the success story of “We change our institutions,” within the activities of the Fourth Point Conference Iraq, which was held in the" Station" building hall on July 23, 2022.


The aim of this initiative is to establish an electronic system for housing students in the dormitory of the Anbar University, the routine procedures amounted to more than 10 steps of paperwork, some of which may be outside the university, which may burden the student to complete these procedures.


The idea of the electronic housing system started from the department of student housing in which Adnan works, so he mentioned that through this system all these long procedures were shortened by three steps: (the student uploads his data in the system by registering with an email, the data is checked by the officials of the department, then the student receives Housing paper after paying the housing fee).


Here, the idea began to develop. Adnan adds that the buildings in which students reside may be far from the department or the university itself, so we provided the buildings with a data system for students who registered in the department, after accepting the student and paying the fees, the student’s data will be sent to the building in which he is going to settle in, In an easy and worthy way as a university student.


He pointed out that from this system, the dormitory of Anbar University got first place among Iraqi universities, and today we are training staff on this system for other universities to benefit from and apply it.


At the end of his presentation, Adnan said that in the near future we are looking to develop an electronic e-clearance system for the student, as well as an electronic record for the attendance and needs of students in the dormitory.