Developing youth skills through webinars: access to better education and increased employment opportunities for young people

Aug 10, 2018

10 Aug 2018

Fourth session: 1:45 - 2:45 pm

The session was opened with the first speaker, Mr. Mohammed Nizar (Founding Member of The Station Project and Creative Director of Crazy Town Agency) who attended on behalf of Mr. Mujahid Al-Awsy (Manager of The Station Project), explaining the idea of The Station project, as saying that the secret of the success of the project is that The Station is not just a place, The station (is the idea of what the founders wanted to make use to serve entrepreneurs, companies and young entrepreneurs, and give them the opportunities to exercise their work amid an environment that is suitable for them and motivates them to innovate). The owners of this project have been able to attract modern technology seminars and make use of them in serving the youth by setting up training workshops, conferences and technical gatherings.

On the other hand, Al-Ghad Al-Mushriq Orphans Foundation has been able to captivate the hearts of speakers and attendees when its founder (Mustafa Al-Jali) was called; and suddenly, a young girl (Amna Ahmed), who was not more than 16 years old, came on to speak confidently and proudly about humanitarian values she bears, and the great role she plays in her foundation of upbringing a promising generation based on noble humanitarian values for the purpose of contributing to the country's renaissance. Moreover, she spoke about her foundation and how she supports orphans, beside the psychological support that her foundation provides to people with Down syndrome.

Amna talked about many success stories at the practical and personal levels, as she is a talented painter who shared her paintings in important exhibitions, besides that she could form a voluntary team with her colleagues recently.

Amna, whose father is dead, refuses saying that orphanhood is considered inferiority, but rather a characteristic that allows human to feel the suffering of others and to acquire the power and mental strength to face the challenges of life, indicating that this is what she learned when she entered the foundation.

Then, Mr. Mustafa Al-Jali, the Manager of the Foundation, went on the stage and presented the properties and features of the electronic application used by the foundation, which allows sponsors to follow orphanage achievements and monitor their material situation.

Bashar Sami began to attract the attention of the attendees at the conference through his interesting style of speaking about the success story of his project that he and his colleagues developed.

He explained that the wave begins by an action and this action also moves in the shape of waves, and this is similar to information which begin from groups of people who share those information with other people and therefore turn into a wave of information.

The idea of this project is about a group of youth owns information technology skills, who decided to teach those who are less experienced than them these skills and are considered required in the labor market, provided that this group teaches another group, and therefore the information series are transmitted  from a group to another like waves.

The developers of this platform used applications that lead them to achieve their goal to apply their idea towards success as the number of participants has been more than 100 people.

Short stories writer, Israa Ismael managed to use technology in expressing her point of views since she was 15 years old, and the story she published on the Internet has achieved great success for a girl in such age at that time. She also created a page on Facebook to inspire everyone through her writings and making videos photographed by a simple Mobile camera that achieved many likes and views.

The session concluded with the warm applause for this young, given the intelligence and incentive that she has in being capable to move the emotions of all the attendees.