Data Audit and Counter Misinformation Training Workshop 24-26 July 2022

Aug 17, 2022


Within the works of the third day of the Fourth Point Conference of Iraq, a training workshop was launched on data auditing and combating misinformation and lasted for three days from July 24 to 26, 2022, in the "Station" building.


During the workshop, 20 young media professionals and journalists were trained on the mechanisms of verification and scrutiny of the news provided by the trainers, Dr. Walid El-Hayouni, from Tunisia, Founder of the Association "Journalists Against Fake News and Hate Speech", and Shehata El-Sayed, from Egypt, Founder of the Open Source holdbook of Arab Journalists.


During the first day of the workshop, youths were trained on how to identify and classify false news, whether it is rumor, intimidation, or contains a merge image, that's to say(fabricated), and other things that show that this news is false. In addition, the difference between hate speech and other discourses such as insults, distortion and others.


Proof reading images by using a set of tools called reverse image search tools (Tin Eye, Flicker, Bing) and others, as well as training on writing the methodology for the "Media meter" platform, which is going to be launched in the upcoming days.


The second day of the workshop, the youths were trained on a set of tools for analyzing social networks, such as “Twitter” such as “Botometer.” These tools are specialized in analyzing accounts in Twitter, whether the tweeter is a robot or the owner of the account himself, “tweet deck.” this tool shows you through a Google map the tweeters in an area that the journalist selects to see if there is a real event or not.


"InVID", Video search tools. "Wunderground" a weather's date search tool, and a "map check" tool for checking the number of people in anywhere and if any news spread about millions of people are out on a particular street.


At the end of the two days of the workshop with Dr. Walid Al-Hayouni the trainer, Mr. Shehata Al-Sayed opened the third and final day of the workshop by training youths about the open source search tools for the data collector they need during an investigation of a specific information or a specific topic.


The “OShai “website was presented, which contains many open-source tools for journalists, including sites to locate civil and military air navigation, as well as databases on companies, real estate and other data.