Presentation About The National Data Center And Ur Portal

Aug 6, 2022

10:50 - 11:10 am


“The National Data Center was established in 2021, and it is the operational arm of the e-government.” This was presented by Mustafa Sabah, Director of Technology Solutions and Data Management Department - the National Data Center.


He added that the most important projects of the center are "Ur Gate Platform", and the aim of this platform is to collect and categorize government services for citizen to be easy to access, also through the (National ID) the citizen can create his/her own account and by having this account he/she can access all the services that provided by the platform.


Mustafa Sabah mentioned some statistics about the platform, as it provides 102 services that classified into (interactive, procedural, and integrated), and since the platform started until now, the number of beneficiaries has reached more than 1.8 million beneficiaries, and the average of access is more than 5 million, and according to statistics, the platform center on Iraqi websites ranked 134, and 81,761 for global websites.


He said "we see there are beneficiaries from this platform from outside Iraq, such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom," and this is one of the platform’s indicators to locate the beneficiaries, whether inside or outside Iraq, and in addition to that there is an indicator for age groups and identified the age groups who benefit most from the platform, their ages range between 25 - 35 and 35-45 years old.


The National Data Center provides a communication service during the official working period, and we see through the communication indicator that the beneficiaries concentrate on the health and economic aspects, so the government should pay attention to these aspects that may be the most important for the citizens, according to what he said.


He pointed out that one of the important projects in the center is the project of "Eliminate Issuance" because it is one of the biggest obstacles in the bureaucratic procedures of government institutions, and there are government institutions that accepted this project, including The Ministry of Justice.


Mustafa noted that the center is not only confined to electronic services, but also provides technical services to government institutions, including the provision of servers, electronic hosting services and computers.


Finally, at the conclusion of his presentation, Mustafa Sabah mentioned that there are many services provided by “Ur Platform”, including: (Salamat service, services for people of determination, and there are services that will soon be launched, including the health insurance system, the electric current access system, the immunodeficiency virus (HIV) examination system, and the student registration system).