From People to People: Open source applications to monitor human rights violations and provide assistance services to citizens

Jul 25, 2020




- Mr. Mohamed Issa, Founder of "Code for Iraq".

- Ms. Amal Hussein, who is responsible for Wasit team of "Code for Iraq".

- Mr. Osama Ismail, a member in Code for Iraq Team.

- Ms. Hala Hazem, who is responsible for Al-Qadisiyah team of "Code for Iraq".

- Marwan Ahmed Khalaf, who is responsible for Saladin team of "Code for Iraq".


They were interviewed by: Mr. Wael Al-Krezy from "Code for Iraq" team


The Fourth Session was from: 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm, 25th July, 2020


The session began by the Osama Ismail talking about "the development of programming during the last two decades and how Code for Iraq initiative team made use of it in serving protests and demonstrations through applications that have been programmed and launched."


"Our team exploited modern technology tools in the service of citizens" Hala Hazem said, noting to " Asefni" application which is used to report poor health cases of people, and said" when someone the ground, and without the need for the Internet, a text message is sent for people who are already identified through Application".


Marwan Ahmed talked about a specific "application", through which needy families locations, thus relief organizations can use the GPS application to help them".


From her side, Amal Hussein talked about "the use of IPS system and the exploitation of it in creating applications, like "HelpMe "application which provides sending the location of a person to someone else by using messages without the need to internet, therefore, this application has an important role through exploiting it to expose kidnappings".


Mohammed Issa pointed to "the importance of making use of open source data in applications to provide aid services to citizens, and one of the most important applications of " Code for Iraq team" is "Blood Donation", which helps citizens to participate in the service of society through blood donation, This application was used by those who needed blood during the 2018 protests in Basra, besides that it was used by those who needed blood plasma in the breakthrough of Covid-19 epidemic.