Point Iraq project management Announce opening volunteering to manage Point Conference 4.0

Jul 5, 2022

Point Iraq project management Announce opening volunteering to manage Point Conference 4.0



The management of Point Iraq project announces for young people wishing to participate in the management of Point Conference 4.0, to be held from 22 to 26 July 2022, about the opening of registration on the volunteer form. About 100 young people each year have the opportunity to be accepted as a volunteer within the conference teams (administration team, logistics team, design, media, social media, and translation).


The opportunity to volunteer at Point provides a space for young people to receive training and develop their skills, especially in the field of participatory work and experiences  exchange to accomplish the tasks required within the preparatory phase of the conference and the period of its activities. Priority is also given to volunteers after the conference to participate in the training workshops held by the Tawasul organization, partner organizations and founders of the conference, including coexistence programmes.


The Point project also includes, in addition to the week of its activities (sessions, presentations, meetings and training workshops), launching initiatives and programs related to use the new media and  technology in various fields, including the democracy promotion, good governance and media freedom. Volunteers are given priority to participate in the programs and initiatives launched after the conference, noting that Tawasul will launch, during this year's edition, two new electronic platforms (Environmental Observatory and Miter Media platform).


Point Iraq is a unique event concerned with use new media and  technology in the field of civil society organizations, which will be held from 22 to 26 July 2022 at the station building for Entrepreneurship (founding partner of the Point Iraq Conference), and the main theme of the conference this year will change Climate and its possible effects on Iraq.
The volunteering form will be open for one week from the date of publishing this announcement, and for those wishing to register in the volunteer teams for Point Conference this year, please fill out the volunteering form by following the link below.

volunteering form