Trends of the Public Opinion Towards the Legislative and Regulatory Roles of the MPs

Aug 10, 2021



12:00- 12:10 pm

The works of the third session of Point-Iraq 3.0, that was held on The Station Hall building, on Saturday, 17th July, 2021, included the report of Public Opinion Platform Project presented by the manager of Public Opinion Platform, the Journalist- Tamara Emad, on the trends of the public opinion towards the legislative and regulatory roles of the Parliament.


Emad talked about the fact that: "the presentation summarizes the report of Public Opinion Platform team through their observation on the legislative and regulatory work of the Parliament, in its third legislative year, within its two seasons: the first and the second one. The most important things included within the report are of two parts, the first one is represented by measuring the opinions and suggestions of the citizens on the laws that the parliament works on enacting that are shared on the website of the platform, through vote and discussion, while the second part include the most important statistics that have been observed for the regulatory work of each of MPs and representative committees".


She indicated that: "the team worked on seven laws and issues through presenting them to be voted on and discussed on the website of the platform, as more than (36000) people have been targeted through the website, and more than (1350000) one million three hundred and five thousand person have been targeted through the social media platforms. (53.3%) voted against the laws enacted by the Parliament, while more than (46.5%) supported those laws. However, the active age groups (27-34) were the most interacting by 62%, and (82%) voted on the issues presented by bachelor degree holders. Baghdad was in the lead in interaction by (75%) of them.


Regarding the opinions of the citizens on the laws that the Parliament enact, Emad talked about the fact that the observatory team that worked on observing them found out that: "there was a lack of the available information for the citizens, as a number of the respondents think that the head of the Parliament deliberately hide a part of the information related to the laws and issues that get discussed and concerned with the interests of the public opinion. Another number think that the laws that are enacted by the parliament do not serve the interests of the people, but they serve the interests of the politicians, while other respondents believe that the heads of the political blocs are controlling the political seen through controlling the laws being enacted".


Ms. Emad concluded with: "the statistics of the regulatory work of the MPs in terms of the number of the questions and interrogations that have been directed to the government officials, besides the hosts and field visits that were carried out by the representative committees for the two legislative seasons that Public Opinion Platform team worked on its observation".