Success Stories: Qanonjy Application

Aug 7, 2022

4:05 - 4:15 pm


"Qanunji" application is a solution to the problem of our unawareness of the laws that governing us.


“I believe in the exist of the real problem is that people don’t know their legal rights.”


This problem made Ali Sattar came up with the idea of   "Qanunji" application in which he collected all Iraqi laws and the amendments that have been made.


There are more than thirty thousand legislations in Iraq, “This number cannot be reached by a non-specialized person.”


Sattar looks at the audience, pointing his finger at them, saying: "A while ago, someone asked, is there a law that prevents leaks? Yes, the Iraqi law prevents leaks in the Iraqi Penal Code."


The programmer of “Qanunji”, Ali Sattar adds, “The unawareness of laws may put some people behind bars."


What is published in the Official Newspaper in Iraq is considered a valid law, and any ignorance of the laws is not taken into consideration)


More than fifty million uses of the “Qanoonji” application. Ali says, "I did not make any promotion, but the people's need made it spread among them".


“Qanoonji” application has been downloaded more than four thousand times, and these numbers reflect the spread of the application during a year.


Ali says while he is on Point 4.0 stage “Iraq is a state of law". then he added, “A person can win a case against the Prime Minister, and this happened a little while ago, but many of us are unaware of his/her rights.”


Many Iraqi citizens suffer while searching for laws that belong to them or they are lost as a result of the continuous amendments to the Iraqi law”. This is something difficult for non-specialists, but “Qanoonji “application made it easier for them to search and know the laws.”


Ali Sattar ends his speech, “The problem is not about there are no laws but people having minimal knowledge of laws. That is why we tried to provide legal information in a complete and easy way, by taking advantage of technology. In my point of view, the measure of progress and culture for any nation is their knowledge and application of the law.”