A Speech About the Martyrs of the Press in Iraq and Take a Group Photo of the Participants in the conference

Aug 7, 2022

1:45 – 2:00 pm


"Adam and Essa, some may think that they are a names of prophets. Yes, they are, but it is the names of sons of martyrs for press."


After the lunch break for the first day of the conference, which was held on Friday, July 22, 2022, as an annual tradition, Point Iraq Conference remembers the martyrs of the press and all the martyrs of Iraq in honor and consolidation of the sacrifices they made for the sake of Iraq.


He added that they are the sons of the two martyrs, "Ammar al-Shabandar" and "Hisham al-Hashemi," who were victims of terrorism.


In his speech, Emad said, "I was the reason they got to know each other, and one of them encouraged the other to confront terrorist organizations by fighting them with ideas and revealing information.


“Hisham was an informations walking on the ground,” Emad al-Shara’ reminds the martyr “Hisham al-Hashemi”, he was extensive with information about terrorist organizations, and he would turn to him and consult him and “Ammar al-Shabandar” when he needed important information about the organizations.


At the end of his speech, Emad thanked Point Iraq Conference management, for the constant reminder of the journalist friends who gone.


Then a group photo was taken for the conference participants and staff.