Opening Speech by Wisam Jaafar, Point Project founder

Jul 25, 2021



Mr. Wisam Jaafar, founder of Point Project- and the Executive Director of Tawasoul Organization for Youth Empowerment delivered the opening speech of Point Iraq Conference 3.0 at the station hall on 17 july 2021.


He started his statement by Welcoming the attendance on behalf of Tawasoul Organization team. Then he gave an introduction of the most important themes that would be included within the Conference, which included addressing democracy problems, and noted that the government formed after October protests has a reformation nature, saying that the problems in our country exist in many other countries which face similar challenges, for example, in areas such as the Balkans, they face what Iraq faces and suffer from external interventions, corruption and divisions on the basis of religion and nationalism.


Stressing that holding Point at this time comes from our responsibility towards Iraq and our great ambitions for change, especially that the rate of the political participation is declining, as we saw in 2018 elections,


In Kurdistan, the participation rate was 92% in 2005, while declined and reached 50% in 2018; the same thing happened in other countries in the last election that was held there. In Lebanon, the participation rate barely reached 45%, as well as in Egypt, where the participation rate did not exceed 30%. While in Algeria, the participation rate reached 30%, and this reveals us that this political reality exists in Iraq and in other countries, adding that during the events of the Conference, they will discuss protests, economic reform and what the opinion of the audience about the upcoming elections is.