Earthlink was at Point Conference

Aug 9, 2021


17 July 2021

12:00-12:10 pm


During Point Conference-Iraq 3.0 Works, which was held on The Station Hall building on Saturday, 17th July, 2021, Mr. Assif Al-Khazraji- the Head of the Institutional Communication and Social Media Department in EarthLink Telecommunications Company- made a presentation in which he said: "it is the second time for us to become the sponsors of the Conference. The first time was in 2018. Actually, the sessions of the conference focus on sustainable development field that means the pursuit to grant decent life for the current and next generations. This is what EarthLink is interested in".


Talking about sustainable development, Al-Khazraji added that: "in 2015, UN launched the (17) sustainable development objectives, that aim at improving human life around the world within a plan extended until 2030. We, in EarthLink, have worked on launching and supporting tens of initiatives and programs in Iraq that focus on applying 9 of the seventeen sustainable development objectives".


Finally, he said: "I want to thank all the attendees and organizers of the Conference again, for providing this chance. I assure you that the sessions of the Conference focus on the same philosophy on which EarthLink focus, and have slogan that is a similar to EarthLink's one, a key impetus of technology in the future of Iraq, through providing the best internet and technology services. This means that technology is the main and most important changer in the history. Eventually, human being knew how to talk, but history didn't begin until the discovery of writing tools as a new technical tool. Similarly, the technical mutations are the ones which changed the world permanently. Then, internet era began to change all the previous communication equations, leading to make every person an independent news agency. This wouldn't be achieved without the modern communication means and internet services that have been developed".