The start of Point MENA Conference 2020

Jul 20, 2020



Tawassoul Organization for Youth Empowerment, in cooperation with a group of international and regional partners, will host the second edition of the Point MENA Conference, which will be launched on 25-30 July 2020 through the Zoom program as an alternative version to the Point - Sarajevo International Conference hosted by the “Why La” organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a network of Action SEE is active in Southeast Europe.


The conference will highlight the importance of using new media and technology in promoting democracy and political accountability, and the conference activities provide an opportunity for joint work between international and local organizations and to benefit from important experiences in the Arab world and the world on how to provide data and information related to enhancing transparency and integrity of elections, and making governments accountable from Before citizens through open source electronic platforms and applications that encourage citizens to participate in monitoring the performance of state institutions and the government program.


The conference will also address the situation in Iraq after the October protests and talk about developing a more effective road map to enhance the role of civil society and public opinion in the field of government accountability, and the participation of protest groups in formulating permanent mechanisms to protect the right to demonstrate, as stated in the ministerial curriculum of Mr. Al-Kazemi’s government.


The conference will also focus on the importance of using data to aid decision-making processes, and employing machine learning algorithms to devise a more effective government response, especially in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.