Point Camp 2019

Feb 11, 2019



Tawasul organization for Youth Empowerment organized a training camp for 5 days in partnership with The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community initiatives, the camp contained about 50 active and volunteer from young Leaders at Sulaymaniyah University for the period from 20 to 24 February 2019, within the second step of Iraq Point project , Activists and volunteers have received advanced training in the use of modern technology and media to support democracy, transparency and political accountability during the preparation  of manage and implement Point projects such as electronic platforms, software applications that serve the community, and the use of maps and technology Techniques in NGO programs and projects.


Where the camp was held to completion the second step after the convening of Iraq- Point Conference over two days (tenth and eleventh of August 2018)


Which is considered the first common business space combines between the modern technology, media and civil society in the level of Iraq and the Arab world as a version of an International Point Conference which is hosting by the Sarajevo city every year this event was hosted by a collection of NGOs in collaboration with “Why not” organization in Bosnia and Action C which activate in Balkans cities


It was part of efforts to use modern technology and media in the work of civil society organizations interested in promoting democracy and active citizenship. And over 2 days of conference 11 specialized sessions were held and 42 speakers were hosted, most of them were Experts and Specialists in the fields that targeted by the conference 4 of them were experts from Balkans region and Europe continent, in the presence of more than 400 participants From different Iraqi provinces, As well as joining about 300 volunteers which were registered To participate for hosting this event.


Training curriculum and trainers


The camp training program (theoretical and practical) is designed to contribute in the development of activists and volunteers Point  skills in the field of using open source technologies and software applications in a way that encourages innovation and creativity and dealing with data and information, which sometimes comes from citizens.   These technologies were vary to include electronic platforms (Webinars) Electronic Websites and applications  Which are programmed specifically for this purpose, Social Media sites, and an available applications on enormous websites like Google (IMAP, Refine, Design Sprint… etc.)


The participants were divided into two groups since the first day, group A and group B, each group have 25 participants, they received a public and specialized trainings and reliance the Modern training curriculum which were designed by Action C network that active in Balkans by helping from an experts in Iraq. the camp management were hosted a number of specialists to evaluate the training and help participants to develop Schedules  and projects plans  which they will work on it  in addition to the participation of training experts.


The camp program also included a tour of departments and stadiums in Faculty of Physical Education at Sulaymaniyah University, The trainees were also invited to visit the American Corner at the University and to participate in one of the Institute's seminars in English language, the camp team also responded to an invitation for visiting the American University in Sulaymaniyah, to look forward IT department and Information Technology and to see the modern academic system at university.


Host the camp at Sulaymaniyah University


On the initiative from the President of Sulaymaniyah University Dr. Redha Hassan and the Dean of Faculty of Physical Education, Dr. Diyar Mohammed, University of Sulaymaniyah hosted Point Camp activities 2019, by hosting the trainees, the training halls will be provided in a new campus of the university located in the Sarganar area of ​​Sulaymaniyah, The University of Sulaymaniyah was established in 1968 first in Sulaymaniyah city But the former regime changed its location in 1981 to Erbil city  under the name of Salah Al-Din University Because of the fears of growing this scientific center relative to its strategic importance in embracing the Kurdish youth. after 12 years later, specifically in 1992, the university has been reopened in the city of Sulaymaniyah under the good efforts of many practical and cultural institutions.to include now 19 colleges with an admission rate of more than 10,000 students each year.


Who are the participants and how can I participate in upcoming trainings ?


The number of participants in the camp about (50) participants They were selected on basis of the database of Point Volunteers and candidates of the partner organizations of the project, Participants were nominated about point teams volunteer, public politics Teams, Social Media, designing and montage and Programming, As well as representatives of NGOs and partner community initiatives are:


From the Kurdistan Region: Dabeen Organization, Kurdistan Association for All, and Women's Leadership Institute


From southern Iraq: Adoption Foundation for the active youth, Displaced Sons Organization (Maysan province), Nissan Institute for Democratic Awareness (Basra province), Thar center for development (Muthanna province).


Also has been engaging many of community initiatives, the representatives of the International Initiative were attended the camp, for solidarity with Iraqi society, Hama Tigris Campaign and the Iraqi Social Forum, Most of the Iraq Point project trainings be especially for point volunteer, organizations, initiatives and Activists who interested in using modern technology and media in their institutions activities or community initiatives.


The field of partnership has been opened and the field of employment of modern technology and media, you can send us in the following Email