Using Technology in Elections Monitoring

Aug 15, 2021


18 July 2021

10:30-1:00 pm


During the works of the second day of Point Conference-Iraq 3.0, that was held on Sunday, 18th July, 2021, a session on the mechanism of using technology in the field of monitoring elections was held, besides coming up with a mutual vision by the workers in the field of elections, about the early elections that are intended to be held in early October.


Mr. Majid Abu Kalal who is the Head of Ther Development Center and the Interviewer of the session, opened the session by welcoming the participants and thanking them for attending. He explained the most important matters included in the session, which ensures the necessity of reaching a mutual vision on the early elections that are intended to be held in early October. Afterwards, he invited Ms. Ashjan Mohammed to give her presentation.


Ms. Ashjan Mohammed, a researcher in the Academic Center for Smart Administration gave a presentation on "The Independent Monitor" application that was developed by the Center. She talked about the importance of using technology in the process of monitoring the elections, which strengthens the transparency of the electoral process through the usage of the applications by the monitors, as she explained to the attendees the mechanism of work of the application and how it is used by the workers in the field of monitoring.


Afterwards, Mr. Duraid Tawfeeq, an academician and a researcher in the Academic Center for Smart Administration, gave a presentation on a study prepared by the center, on the impact of the public boycott on the results of the parliamentary elections in 2018, besides the expectations on the rates of the participation and the results of the early elections.


During the discussion, a group of recommendations and suggestions that the workers in the field of elections see it is important for the Higher Independent Electoral Commission to work on them were put forward, represented by announcing the results of the private vote soon after the announcement of the public vote, but not before it. Thus, it will not affect the choices of the voters. Moreover, create contact centers to answer the questions of the voters and institutions, identify a higher limit for the electoral advertisement and finally, publish all the tables, action plans and the results of stimulation on the website of the Commission.


On the other side, the participants assured the importance of the continuity of the organizations efforts to sensitize the voters even after the elections, besides preparing a definitive guide to be used by the elections monitors.


At the end of the session, it was agreed that during the next period, Point project would coordinate a number of sessions on Zoom application, that include a group of networks and organizations that work in the field of elections monitoring, for the purpose of issuing Iraqi standards of elections quality that are based on the accumulating Iraqi experiences in the field of monitoring the previous elections, and what the Iraqi networks and organizations has learnt from the experiences of elections monitoring, bearing in mind the international standards and harmonizing them with the Iraq legislative and  procedural atmosphere.