Iraqi Digital Community, Reality and Potentials

Aug 11, 2018



11 Aug 2018


Gilan opened the session by talking about "the characteristics of digital communities
in Iraq and Arab nation, the nature of users according to social platforms, type of
audience and the role of these digital platforms in conveying news".

The speaker showed a number of slides that he said they revealed that: "according to
international statistics, the platforms that are mostly used by the Iraqis are (Facebook)
and (YouTube), adding that" there are digital and technical skills acquired by the
users of these platforms according to age group and interests".

"It's remarkable that most of the Facebook platform users do not need high technical
skills, which reflects the presence of different age groups on this platform, as it is easy
to be used", Gilan added.

He talked about YouTube platform, particularly for the Iraqi community: "YouTube
community is a developing one; the numbers of its followers is increasing constantly.
It requires from the ordinary YouTube user to have a certain skill to be active on this
website. Most of its users are of young age group that is below 15 years".

Gilan confirms that: "Iraqis YouTube users' content address important moral issues,
despite the way of their performance in which they combine art creativity with
entertainment. YouTube channels are going toward moderation and rejecting violence
and sectarianism, which would increase their followers.

The speaker (Gilan Al Jubouri) concluded with several recommendations:
"The importance of increasing civil society content on (YouTube website).
- Training and developing the skills of Iraqi channel owners who have at least 2
million followers and encourage them to provide uplifting content and address
subjects that will positively affect their followers.

- In addition, all this would play an important role in peace building".