The use of new media and technology in the work of civil society organization

Aug 10, 2018

August 10, 2018 Opening speech 10:00 - 10:30 am**

Point Iraq conference in its first year had opened its activities on Friday morning 10 / August / 2018 with the presence of outstanding audience including representatives of civil society organizations from different provinces, technology and communication engineers and experts, specialized journalists in “new media” and representatives from Iraqi Universities specialized in media and technology. Wisam Jaafar, executive director of Tawasoul Organization had opened the conference with sharing stories about youth motivation by participating in Point Conference, highlighting the voluntary teams and civil organizations which worked for over a month for the preparation of the conference. “this is an opportunity to sustain youths’ effort in many fields that serve the community and help engaging them in the decision-making process , promoting democracy and opening source media, developing citizen journalism and countering fake news. Mr. Jaafar presented his participation in the international Point conference in Bosnia, saying that one of the most successful stories of Point Sarajevo is providing a space where NGOs and independent press institutions can work together, network, and build alliances to promote political accountability in south eastern European Countries. Mr. Mohammed Altamimi Director General of NGOs Directorate of the Iraqi Council of Ministers had stressed upon the effects of volunteering in Iraq and its contribution in the relief process of displaced people and reduce the tragedies of disasters and wars which Iraq had witnessed within the past years. He stated that” if we keep holding such conferences and initiatives it will grant our country the place it deserves”. He added “the change in the infrastructure of civil society in Iraq today is significant, but it needs to be more organized, to learn from international experiences, and employ this experience in our daily activities and social practices to its best.. and that is how we will make a change.