Success Stories: Coding for Kids

Aug 7, 2022

4:15 - 4:25 pm


Coding for Kids” is a start-up company in Iraq that is working on raising a generation that innovates technological solutions to the problems that the country suffers from.


We do not think about hearing from children and taking their opinions ,” says Mustafa Khaled, one of the founders of the company.


In the company, we work to build children’s confidence that they can design a rocket reaches the moon or programming a game that has an aim".


Coding for Kids Company “was established in 2014 in Iraq. It started with some small workshops for children, but the company developed and spread in 2016, according to what the founder says “In this idea we focused on the climate change and sustainable development goals


In 2021, Mustafa and his team organized a competition in which more than 79 projects were submitted for Iraqi children, so that one of the Iraqi children would get the first place in this competition, and their project was to protect forests from fires. This competition is organized by the BBC and British Council.


Mustafa shows some of the projects that were submitted for the competition they organized. Some projects were confined to reduce the level of salinity in Shatt al-Arab, and others trying to solve the problem of the reduction of water in Tigris. And there is a girl from Najaf trying to solve the problem of global pollution and wants to throw all pollutants out of the ozone layer.