Point 3.0 Conference Sessions

Jul 9, 2021



The conference activities will start on July 17, 2020 and for a two days, the conference agenda will be presented by the presentation of the first annual report of the Tawasul organization within the government observatory program (the first open-data website that monitors government performance). From officials and activists within the activities of this session, to shed light on what has been achieved from the promises made by the government since its formation until now, and to emphasize once again the need to fully involve citizens and enable them to access information related to the government’s performance.


Economic reforms and protests demands files will be included within the sessions of Point, where a number of economic experts will discuss the reforms policies in the field of economy which the government espoused within the white paper. Moreover, there will be an assessment for the government's performance and its response to the demands of the protests that the government promised to fulfill within the ministerial curriculum, besides a special cover of early elections and e-government files.