Public Opinion Platform: How to Control your Country by using Current Democracy in Six Steps?

Aug 10, 2018

10 Aug 2018

Fifth session: 3:35 - 4:35 pm

The session began with an introduction about a very important topic which was entitled: How to Control your Country by using Current Democracy in Six Steps?

Speaking on this matter, Dr. Sattar Awad, a political and media researcher, said: the Iraqi street has been affected by the modern media and has contributed in forming public opinion and allowed the freedom of expression, indicating the role of social media platforms in forming the political decisions of the governments.

In his turn, Dr. Giza Tissini, French Professor and Researcher, speaking about his platform, which he contributed in establishing and is a kind of a website that is called Public Opinion Platform or POP, as the results of his and his team results ended in getting 6 main points that explain the work of this unique electronic project, which is considered a quality mutation in technology usage in serving democracy, said that the method of the work of the project can be summarized as follows:

1. Recording political parties of various views and attitudes in this electronic political platform.

2. Each political party in the parliament has to share his opinion regarding any legislation and before taking any decision on this platform.

3. The platform does not have any policies or intellectual attitudes and are fully neutral and does not promise the voter except for one thing, which is rising issues by political parties and giving the opportunity for all adult citizens to express opinion about them.

4. Recording all citizens that are eligible to vote, including government officials and political parties on this platform for the purpose of expressing their views regarding government and parliamentary decisions towards important issues.

5. All citizens must vote on the same platform to form a public opinion regarding some issue in order to see to which side the views of the majority are going.

6. Any political representative who is a decision maker on the platform commits to his promise to take the view of the majority of the citizens towards a given decision on the presented issues into consideration; otherwise, they will be excluded from the platform.

On the extent of effect of these electronic platforms on the democratic process, Farhan Al-Atabi, a Member of Governance Center for Public Policies, said that there is a possibility for exploiting social media in promoting democracy and urging the effective political participation of decision-making, explaining that Iraq records the first in the number of social media users among Arabic countries. Furthermore, the use of platforms can be positively encouraged by holding seminars like Point-Iraq Conference.

In conclusion, Dr. Kadhem Al Sahlani, Chairman of the Nissan Institute for Democratic Awareness, referred to the important role of Facebook pages in Iraq, which had the great impact on the cancellation of parliamentary retirement law.