Climate Change is No Less Dangerous Than National Security Threats in Iraq

Aug 6, 2022

10:00 - 10:30 am


because the temperatures are high in Iraq, colleagues from Tunisia said, “The weather is hot in Iraq.” They said, “The maximum temperature in Tunisia is 35, and we have coast as well. In Iraq, there is no coast and the temperature is more than 45.” This is what the Point Conference Project Manager Wissam Jaafar, said in his opening speech.


Wissam added, "Climate change is not less dangerous than the national security threats in Iraq." So the convening of the conference in the summer is a good opportunity to discuss the issue of climate change. That is why this year the message of the fourth edition of the conference dedicated on climate change"


After that, like many Iraqis, they do not feel the dangerous of the climate change and its effects on humans, only when he met a number of environmental experts who drew his attention to the fact that dust storms and high temperatures may continue permanently.


Wissam pointed out that Iraq is one of the fragile countries that are greatly affected by climate change. According to experts, during a period of two centuries, the temperature of the earth has risen to 1.1, and we see how the high temperatures and dust storms that strike many countries from time to time, but if the Earth's temperature rises to 1.5, it would be impossible to reverse climate change.


And that means the rise in temperatures may cause many risks, including rising sea levels and oceans, which lead to the sinking of many coastal cities, desertification and continuous dust storms. So, we must only adapt to this change because we cannot return the land to what it was before.


He also mentioned that this year the conference is not different from the previous edition in shedding light on using the new media and technology, and identifying transparency indicators for government institutions.


In the sessions of the first and second day of the conference, we will host experts in the field of transparency and governance and experts in the field of environment and climate change.


Wissam noted that, two e-platforms will be launched during the two days of the conference, the "Meter Media Platform", to detect violations and hate speech in media content. This is done through machine learning algorithms and the environmental platform.


At the end of his opening speech, Wissam Jaafar hopes that Iraq will be able to overcome the challenges it faces regarding the climate change. Without adaptation, we will be facing famine and great migrations.