"Know your Candidate" Application

Aug 10, 2021


17 July 2021

2:00 - 2:10 pm


Within the works of the third session of Point-Iraq 3.0, that was held on The Station building on Saturday, 17th July, 2021.


Dr. Mohammed Hassan, a researcher and an academician from the Academic Center for Smart Administration, started his presentation on "Know your Candidate" application by clarifying the most important problems and challenges facing candidates during the electoral campaigns, saying that: "the inequality among candidates in terms of nature of political money or lording by power, arms and even tribe is considered the hardest challenge facing candidates, especially those who are independent or those who are having their first electoral experience, adding that: "the challenges that face the electoral campaigns include defamation and electronic bullying, as the electoral season gets filled of the mutual defamation among the political parties, which affect the electoral process", referring that: "making the governorates consisting of a group of constituency requires the candidate to possess a conscious program to get in touch with the needs of the people and, specially, the constituency. Therefore, the problems facing the constituency of the candidate get addressed accurately and specifically.


Pointing to the issue of communication between the candidates and the audience of their constituencies, he said that: "the communication is considered unspecified, it may be direct, or through social media, through which the audience, that exist within constituencies and other governorates, interact with the published posters, and that may bring defamation that affect the electoral campaign of the candidate. Then, he talked about the latest challenges faced by the female and male candidates, represented by: "visual identity chaos that means filling streets with a group of posters of candidates, their serial numbers and electoral programs, which form a challenge and impediment towards the concentration with the candidates, and thus negatively affect all electoral campaigns".


About (Know your Candidate application), Dr. Mohamed Hassan said that: it represents "a simulator of the most important global applications (Facebook - Twitter – Instagram), which provides easiness and speediness to the communication between the candidate and the voter. It has the advantage of being interactive and different from other platforms that are limited to providing advertisement processes for the candidates", adding that: "the application is designed in a simple way that facilitates dealing with it for any citizen. When a governorate is chosen, a person can access their constituency, as the application has a property of securing the relationship between the candidate and the voter, thus any voter can communicate directly with candidates within their constituency through closed comments, therefore, the application prevents defaming candidate on one hand, and allows them to carry out their campaign and introduce their political program on the other hand".


about strengthening the communication between the voter and the candidate, Dr. Mohammad Hassan said: "The advantage of communication between candidates and the audience of their constituency provided by the application, allows the candidate to know the needs, problems and interests of their constituency, which differ from other constituencies, and at the same time, allows the voter to present their needs and problems, which candidates will compete to address, and thus competition will be on the complaints of citizens and the candidate who gets the highest trends will be trend at the constituency level.


He also pointed out that the thing which the campaigns concentrate on is "the measurement of the influence of the candidate", which provides an opportunity for the candidate to know the much of the acceptance of their electoral program to the citizens and therefore obtain accurate information on the progress of their campaign, as the application measures the interaction of the citizens with the candidate, which allows them to amend their electoral campaign or add to them or delay some priorities he imposed on himself.


At the end of the presentation, Dr. Mohammed Hassan talked about an important advantage provided by the application to the citizens who interact with the application posters, that when a citizen likes 5 posts on the application, they will be asked if they want to communicate personally with the candidate within their constituency, and upon their acceptance, an answer is sent to the candidate says that that person wants to communicate personally with you, and related data are shown to the candidate, then they start communication".