Speech of the Director General of the NGO Directorate Mr. Ashraf Al-Dahhan

Jul 25, 2021


Mr. Ashraf Al Dahan, General Director of NGO Directorat, participated in the opening speech for the Point Iraq Conference in its third edition, which was held at the station hall on Saturday (17/7/2021)

He began his speech by expressing "that he feels proud and happy being in front of a large number of attendees and most of them are young people, stressing that the youth in our society are the backbone of the future".


He added that "the modern era produced the concept of civil society based on citizenship, noting that the organizations are playing a vital role today in strengthening community capacities in facing all challenges. Furthermore, he said that in meantime, it's required from the organizations to provide help and support for a prosperous future and pointed to the importance of creating a political, legal and social atmosphere to establish the good governance, which in turn leads to establishing an effective civil society that can put forward good solutions and alternatives in all sectors and has a role in launching community initiatives to contribute to the development projects in Iraq.


About the role of civil society, Al-Dahhan said that: "the Strong civil society is a core element for exercising the government control and we, in the Directorate of Organizations, are building a complementary relationship that bring all state institutions close, and one of the most important actions in the face of the Corona epidemic is that we have worked along with the participation of 945 organizations during the past period on spreading community awareness about the epidemic, in addition to several rehabilitation programs, including Yazidi Females Care Program".


In conclusion, "Al-Dahhan" confirmed that: "we have to provide commitment and full support to civil society organizations to build a base depends on clear outlines braking up the challenges to achieve a sustainable renaissance of our Iraq and our people."