How can I participate in the Point Conference - Iraq?


POINT Iraq Conference in its fourth year will include (13) thirteen interactive panel discussions involving experts from Iraq and around the world, (10) ten presentations by public speakers, as well as training workshops and meetings at the regional and national levels. Point's audience can participate in the conference activities by registering in the attendance form for the two days of the conference (22 and 23 July 2022), and registering as a speaker to present a success story, or registering to participate in the meetings or training workshops that will be held after the two days of the conference from 24 to 26 July 2022 on the station building hall.


Registration to attend the two days of the conference


Point Conference receives every year more than 200 people to attend the two days of the conference, which is the maximum number that can be hosted on the stage of the station building, and anyone interested from inside and outside Baghdad can fill out the registration and participation form.

Registration to attend the two days of the conference, by the point voting window, which is intended for this purpose, so be sure to fill in all the fields correctly, and save the user name and password because you will need them when you are accepted. This window allows the technology to display comments directly on the conference screens during sessions and presentations , as well as voting and interaction. To register for the two days of the conference, please click below:




Volunteer at Point


Point is an event that cares for young people, and more than 150 volunteers are accepted annually to participate in organizing the conference activities within the Department of Management, Logistics, Design, Programming, Social Media, and Media). Point volunteers, through their participation, have the opportunity to learn new experiences, develop their leadership and communication skills. At the end of the volunteering period, volunteers are given a certificate of experience and participation, and they are given priority to participate in initiatives and programs that are launched after the conference ends. To volunteer at Point, please fill out the volunteering form by clicking below:




Participation as a speaker within the conference activities


Within the paragraph of presenting success stories about use of the new media and technology, you can register now to submit a presentation of no more than 10 minutes, by filling out the form designated for this purpose. A specialized committee appointed by the conference management will review the registration forms and accept 6 nominees to present success stories. If you wish to speak through the Point platform, please fill out the registration form by clicking below:


Speak at Point


Participate in Point Workshops


This year's Point Conference will hold a training course for journalists and young media professionals who are interested in using technology tools and data auditing techniques, detecting misinformation in media content, and using open source journalism tools. The training will be carried out by two experts invited to the conference (Dr. Walid Al-Hayouni from Tunisia, and Mr. Shehata Al-Sayed from Egypt), for three days, from 24 to 26 July 2022.

The trainees who pass the course will be presented with a training certificate, and the best 5 trainees will be selected to participate in a 3-month co-existence program within the "Media Meter " project, which is the first digital observatory in Iraq that works to measure the credibility and professionalism of the media in Iraq. If you wish to register to participate in the training workshop, please fill out the training form by clicking below:


training form