Wisam Jaafar Radhi

Point Iraq Project

A specialized activist in Advocacy and public policy-making, and Regional Director of Point Mena project, he  founded Tawasul for Youth Empowerment organization with a group of Iraqi activists after the 2011 protests that broke out in Iraq in conjunction with the Arab Spring revolutions, and participated with his colleagues in protesting and planning several advocacy campaigns, including the "I am against quotas" campaign, which succeeded in passing a lawsuit in the Federal Supreme Court in 2016 against the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, to the legal gaps that political parties have exploited by distributing State positions under the name of "national balance".

He worked in partnership with a group of national and international organizations to launch civic programs and initiatives to promote youth participation in decision-making processes, and managed the Youth Empowerment Program for three years in Tawasul. He studied political sciences and has a number of policy-making papers, work notes and research papers, and participated in an investigative working group to launch the 2018 report on the humanitarian situation in Basra, which contributed to documenting and monitoring the human rights violations that accompanied the protests in Basra governorate in 2018.

Wissam participated in a one-month fellowship program in 2018 that was implemented by “ Why Not” foundation in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with the Action SEE network active in the south-eastern European region on the use of modern technology and media in the field of promoting democracy and political accountability, and then founded the Regional Point Project, which works in collaboration with a number of national and Arab organizations interested in promoting the principles of transparency, accountability and digital media. He supervised the management and implementation of a number of projects related to the use of interactive platforms and open source applications to promote citizen political participation in the control of state institutions, including the Public Opinion Platform www.gop-iraq.org and the Government Observatory project  www.pop-iraq.org, and he is also a representative of Tawasul organization in the board of the Regional Accountability and Integrity Network that operates in the Arab region.