Ahmed Samih Farag

Andalus Institute for tolerane and anti-violence studies

Head of Andalus Center, an activist with 14 years of experience in the fields of consulting, training, research and management.

His extensive experience as an organizer and trainer in many international training programs in the fields of human rights education and journalism where he worked in many countries, served as a Consultant and Director for the media monitoring unit in the national campaign to monitor elections in Egypt, and in projects to support civil society, freedom of belief, conscience and religion, confronting hate speech and calls for war.

Mr. Ahmed Faraj has contributed to the establishment of many institutions and meetings such as liberal youth forums, knowledge club and Free Youth Organization.

Mr. Faraj is a member of the Advisory Board of the International Youth Movement for Democracy as well as the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights. He also is a member of the jury of the 2015 Annual Prize "Pedro Luis Boitel" for activists and journalists.

Mr. Faraj has a lot of articles, researches and studies as well as TV interviews on YouTube.