Karim Al-Sayed

Journalist at Al-Iraqia TV


An Iraqi writer, journalist, he presented several programs with the IMN, "Hashtag", and "Iraqia Trend". He holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Al-Mustansiriya University.


Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, as well as an editor and columnist for several local newspapers, including Al-Sabah newspaper, and Al-Haqiqah.


Karim worked in radio work and presented the programs “Fi Alsamem M'a Karim” and “Al Khaymah”. He also worked as, Head of the Producers Department at Al-Iraqia TV, and Director of Media for the General Inspector Office at the Education Ministry.


He won the Al-Noor Foundation for Creativity Award at 2013, the Arab Media Day Award at 2016, and the Gold Award at the Cairo World Cup for the “Under Two Lines” program at 2016.